Monday, March 19, 2018
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Submitted By: B. Alan WattsSubmitted: 10/29/2013
On Tuesday, October 22, 2013 I had the pleasure of visiting the campus of South Columbus High School for a volleyball match. While I have seen a number of Stallion victories on the football field, I had never been inside the school. I was impressed! Wow, facilities have vastly improved since my TCHS days! I am originally from Tabor City, but have settled in Carteret County. My daughter played for Croatan High School this year, and South Columbus was their 2nd round opponent in the state playoffs. The Cougars did not play well that day, and the Lady Stallions were on top of their game. Congratulations to the Lady Stallions for an outstanding year. I wanted to sympathize with the young Lady Stallion whose obnoxious grandfather was in attendance. I have no idea who the white-haired little guy was, but he "performed" during the entire match. Yes, being vocal is a good way to support one's team, but yelling non-stop (at various Lady Stallion players, officials, coaching st

Submitted By: Timothy BrutonSubmitted: 6/11/2015
As a 52 year old father of two and having been a TC native from 1962 until 1980 when I moved away for college, I read with much sadness the June 10, 2015 front page article regarding Dixie Youth baseball. Having started playing Dixie Youth baseball as a six year old for Johnny Strickland (God rest his soul) at the Mill Pond when we were lumped in with the 12 year olds and having raised two decent athletes, both of whom played varied travel sports, I too have learned many valuable lessons along the way. First, let's all congratulate Mr. Wayne Owens for picking up the ball and running with it (Excuse the Jack Holley football pun). Kudos to those whose picture was prominently displayed on the front page as we all know our children are most important in the majority of our lives. Now, let's take a step back. I guarantee you that if you took those same two teams that met in the final, stripped them of their uniforms, rolled a baseball out let we used to on Sunday after church, teams w

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